Liberals Uncover Glenn Youngkin’s Super-Secret Plan to Keep His Promises

Glenn Youngkin speaks during his election-night party in Chantilly, Va., November 3, 2021. (Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters)
A new GOP-led legislature in Virginia, with a new GOP governor, proposes measures . . . backed by GOP voters.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE R epublicans never win elections. Not really. They benefit from “gerrymandering” or Russian gremlins, or those pesky “structural” advantages of the Constitution. Voters may be too dumb to know what’s good for them, or maybe they’ve been duped by big-monied interests and “misinformation.” And so it goes with Glenn Youngkin, the first Republican to win a statewide race in Virginia in more than a decade.

Youngkin, like any successful politician, focused predominantly on what was bothering voters. And foremost in the minds of many voters in purple-state Virginia in 2021 was the authoritarian-inclined technocrats who had exploited the pandemic to run the

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