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Kirsanow in Ohio

Frequent NRO writer Peter Kirsanow (and Civil Rights Commission member) will be speaking on “Racial Rebellion: The End of the Victim/Grievance Movement” tomorrow ,Thursday Nov. 18, at noon at the ...

Kirsanow on Roberts

Has anyone over here at Bench Memos paid proper tribute to Peter Kirsanow? Today he has his third article on John Roberts, once again very informative–and once again very ...

Episode 143: Peter Kirsanow

  In the tradition of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor comes Peter Kirsanow, author of the debut novel Target Omega. Discuss this podcast at Ricochet.

Kirsanow on ABA Accreditation

Writing on NRO this morning, Peter Kirsanow (a member of the US Civil Rights Commission and also the National Labor Relations Board, where he appears to be interpreting the authoritarian ...
Law & the Courts

Kirsanow Dunks Duncan

I had a short post on school discipline last week, and I’d like to follow up with something much better: a link to an excellent letter that Peter Kirsanow has written ...

Re: Kirsanow on Roberts

Matt, I wholeheartedly agree with your praise for Peter Kirsanow’s essays. Indeed, I was wondering just this morning which court he should grace. Your perception that Judge Roberts embraces the ...

Peter Kirsanow, Tonight

He’s on CSPAN tonight at 9:15p.m. and 12:15 a.m. (EST) The Ashbrook Lecture on Racial Rebellion: The End of the Victim/Grievance Movement

Cruz and Kirsanow Correct the Record

Democratic Senators were unable to get a foothold against Sessions yesterday, yet they seem to think that they can make something out of a voter fraud case that Sessions prosecuted ...