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TML Awards: Politics, Politics, Politics

  Today’s Martinis: Choices for the worst political scandals, limited options for best political theater, and trying to figure out what the worst political theater was in a year full of cringeworthy ...

Political Footwear

Politicians are sometimes criticized for not “walking a mile in my shoes” when it comes to understanding the concerns of average citizens. But that doesn’t mean that the shoes (or ...

Political Food Fight

Every year in a small Spanish town the battle against government corruption is waged — symbolically, at least — with flour, eggs, and firecrackers in a fast and furious food ...

Meme Watch: Presidential Politics

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS: Between the midterm shellacking, racial tensions in Ferguson, and crossing constitutional lines with executive orders, it was a busy November at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — and an equally ...

The Masthead

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Political Theater

Jim Geraghty and Greg Corombos name the year’s worst scandal, best political theater, and worst political theater.

Political Vocabularies

Jim Geraghty and Greg Corombos discuss Charles Krauthammer’s advice on avoiding Watergate comparisons, Jay Carney’s verbal tap dance, and Julian Bond’s remarks about the Tea Party.

Political Prospects

On today’s episode: White House pessimism about immigration reform in the House, the latest jobs report, and Eliot Spitzer’s back in the race.