Allen C. Guelzo

Allen C. Guelzo is the Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era at
Gettysburg College. 

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Titanic Presumption

‘The Titanic, name and thing, will stand for a monument and warning to human presumption.” That was the judgment of Edward Stuart Talbot, the Anglican bishop of Winchester, in the sermon ...
Politics & Policy

Climate of Hate

Once the shock of the Giffords assassination attempt had worn off, the next-most-amazing thing we beheld was the unembarrassed gloating with which the American Left, in its many forms, pointed ...

Marring Twain

Reports of Mark Twain’s death have always been greatly exaggerated, even after the real event happened in 1910. Despite mocking religion, exalting adolescent runaways, and wreaking havoc with the Arthurian ...