Allison Kasic

Allison Kasic is Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum.

Allison Kasic is Senior Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum.


Proportionality Means Cuts at Delaware

The University of Delaware announced this morning that it will be downgrading men’s cross country and outdoor track from varsity to club status in order to comply with Title IX: “We ...

At Least He Didn’t Pay in Pennies

Last week, a University of Colorado sophomore paid his $14,000-plus tuition bill . . . in cash . . . in one dollar bills. One can only imagine the look on the cashier’s face.

Feed the Turtle Update

In November I reported on a new extracurricular activity at the University of Maryland — competitive eating. A friend just sent me this update — footage of the club in ...

A Primer on the Current State of Title IX

In the latest edition of The Federalist Society’s Engage, Alison Somin has a nice piece on Title IX in the Obama administration. Somin points to three key developments: the rescission of the Model Survey ...

Title IX News

On Friday night, John Stossel debuted a new TV special on the “Top Ten Politicians’ Promises Gone Wrong.” I was pleased to see Title IX included in the list. As ...

Feed the Turtle

Students at the University of Maryland have a new option for extracurricular activities: a competitive-eating club: [Keith] Solomon founded the competitive club during his freshman year when he and his friends realized their university ...

More Adam Smith, Please

Over at the Weekly Standard, Charlotte Allen investigates how college students learn about capitalism. (Hint: It’s not by reading Adam Smith)

Bursting the Higher-Ed Bubble

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel discusses his views on the higher education bubble at approximately the seven-minute mark of this video.

Extracurricular Activities at Georgetown

Via Fox News: A dormitory at prestigious Georgetown University was evacuated after a suspected meth lab was found in a room. Washington fire and emergency services spokesman Pete Piringer said the department’s ...