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Andrew Stuttaford is a contributing editor of National Review


ndrew was born in England far, far too many years ago, but his day job (working in the international financial markets) took him across the Atlantic in 1991 and he has been resident in New York City ever since. Andrew writes frequently for a number of publications about a wide range of cultural and political issues. He is a contributing editor of both National Review and National Review Online and can often be found on the Corner, particularly at the weekend. He tweets as @astuttaford and a sporadically updated archive of his work can be found at Andrew can be contacted at

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Chikin Derangement Syndrome

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History Doesn’t Take Sides

The “wrong side of history” is a phrase, wrote Robert Conquest, the great historian of the Soviet Union (and much, much more besides), with a “Marxist twang” about it. Put ...