Arnold Steinberg

Arnold Steinberg is the author of Whiplash! From JFK to Donald Trump: A Political Odyssey.

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Farewell, Cruz?

LOS ANGELES–There might be one final wild card left in the California recall race: What if Cruz Bustamante resigns? A Davis Democrat spread the rumor last night. Such talk could reflect ...
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Quitting in a Huff

LOS ANGELES–Arianna Huffington has quit the California recall race. Instead of voiting Arianna, she urges three “No” votes and one “Yes” from her supporters next Tuesday. “No” on: the recall, ...
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Inside McClintock’S Head

LOS ANGELES–Republican candidate for California governor Tom McClintock is honorable and principled, intelligent and serious. He can be plainspoken in his eloquence. Now, with the election barely a week away, ...
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Debating The Debate

LOS ANGELES–The League of Women Voters is a familiar political-debate sponsor. Its seemingly moderate president moderates. And there are always the inevitably fair questions: Where do you stand on a ...
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Ninth Recants

Last week, a three-judge panel of the renegade Ninth Circuit postponed the California recall election. As predicted, the court acted on its own to overturn the panel. Today it ...