Cesar Conda

Mr. Conda, formerly assistant for domestic policy to Vice President Cheney, is a founding principal of Navigators Global, a Washington, D.C.–based public-affairs firm.

Cesar Conda, a former Bush-Cheney White House domestic-policy adviser and senior aide to three Republican U.S. senators, is founding principal of Navigators Global.

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Record and Vision

Last week, the Commerce Department reported strong GDP growth of 4.9 percent during the summer, but warned that expectations remain grim in the near future as growth slows in the ...
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Rudy’s Taxing Problem

Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani was recently in New Hampshire touting the 23 tax cuts he supposedly pushed through as mayor of New York City. He also announced his support ...
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Broadband Triple Threat

In 2004, President Bush declared that “all Americans should have affordable access to broadband technology by 2007,” and that his administration “is working to create an environment to foster broadband ...
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Brace for Backfire

Are Democrats in Congress moving forward with a redistributionist, soak-the-rich tax agenda? Recent press reports suggest they are, although in doing so they ignore some bitter lessons in recent tax ...
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Bush Tax Hikes?

Rumors abound that the Bush administration might be open to accepting tax increases as part of a budget or entitlement-reform compromise with the Democrats. According to Fred Barnes of The ...