That Kerry has less class than Nixon, who chose not to pursue much more legitimate challenges in 1960.

Really Big Turnout

C-SPAN site has Bush up by 5% in New Mexico — with a whopping 101% of the precincts reporting. And they still haven’t called it.


Will we hear a Dean supporter say tonight: “The biggest loss we have suffered since George Bush has been President is Iowa … or is it New Hampshire?”

Makes Sense

I know why Dean is talking about jobs and health insurance. He’s going to need both in about a week.


The Dean people really are delusional. They think they won tonight.

Joe Counting

Lieberman’s electoral math sounds much like Democrat tax math. In one case, everyone is a winner. In the other, everyone qualifies as rich.

No Joe-Mentum

If only Lieberman had started having Keg O’ Joe events like a suggested, he might still be a viable candidate.


Symptomatic of the Clark campaign. Can’t even time a speech to get a little free media