Cool Fact

I thought everyone would like to know that February’s shindig in NY hosted by Christopher Buckley will be held at his folks’ maisonette.

Garden State of Right-Wing Anger

In response to the emailer in re NJ gubernatorial race: I live in NJ and Doug Forrester IS another Tom Kean and Christie Whitman. The state is becoming ...

Dinner Plans

On Thursday, October 27, The Human Life Foundation, on whose board I sit, is having its annual Great Defender of Life Dinner at the Union League Club, 38 East 37th ...

News Alert

Kathryn, I thought our readers would like to know that Tom Selleck will be joining WFB and the gang in LA on September 17.


Our communication problems have been solved. All those who have been dying to subscribe to NR dead tree or NR Digital, fire away! Many thanks.


if anyone has been trying to order a subscription to NR dead tree or NR digital, please know that we are having telephone transmission problems between NRO and our fulfillment ...