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Doing Intel Right

If size were a measure of insight, the WMD Commission’s just-released 618-page report would be an even more valuable guide to understanding the cascading series of failures that have plagued ...
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Will a Dni Do It Right?

By deciding to name a director of National Intelligence to oversee our country’s troubled intelligence service, President Bush has done more than merely accept the 9/11 Commission’s key recommendation. He ...
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Emergency Repair

The Senate Intelligence Committee’s damning report on the CIA has, perhaps inadvertently, revealed the biggest intelligence failure of all: the failure of our entire political establishment to take “intelligence” seriously. #ad#After ...
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Connecting The Dots

As the 9/11 Commission’s hearings play out on television, and as the new presidential commission to investigate intelligence failures relating to Iraq and weapons of mass destruction gets going, the ...
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Creating Work

“There’s only one thing really worth working for…to create work. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about machines,” he said. “Every machine that’s put into a factory displaces labor. ...
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Mending The Cia

The current flap over the CIA’s intelligence failures is a perfect illustration of how things work in Washington: If you have a problem and there is a folder on the ...