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High Value

In congressional hearings last week, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair said that the Obama administration’s High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG), not law-enforcement officers, should have been used to interrogate ...
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No Cause for Shame

The release this week of the CIA inspector general’s report makes clear that the CIA interrogation program was both lawful and effective in stopping new attacks. But was it moral? ...
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Investigations Begin

President Obama has declared that, when it comes to investigating the national-security policies of his predecessor, “generally speaking, I am more interested in looking forward than looking backwards.” That sentiment ...
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The Day I Met WFB

EDITOR’S NOTE: Few lives were as rich in admiring friends as William F. Buckley’s — who earned heartfelt valedictions long before his passing. In September 2004, White House speechwriter Marc ...