Nicholas Eberstadt

Mr. Eberstadt holds the Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute and is a founding director of HRNK, the U.S. Committee on Human Rights in North Korea.

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Seeing North Korea

North Korea is embarked on a steady, methodical, and relentless journey whose intended endpoint is a credible capability to hit New York and Washington with nuclear weapons. Pyongyang’s nuclear test ...
Politics & Policy

Race, Class, Health

U.S. health progress is badly faltering because of racial, social, and economic disparities, according to many public-health specialists, both in the academy and in Washington, D.C. Proponents of this view ...

Life Is Cheap in Europe

Norway’s one-man Rassenreinheitseinsatzgruppe (Google translate it), Anders Behring Breivik, was just given the maximum for his crime in Norway: 21 years. That’s right: 77 murders (mainly at a summer camp for ...