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Viva Putin?

David Pryce-Jones finds the Putin government to be an odious regime. The question is, why do millions of Russians appear to disagree with his assessment? #ad#The short answer, popular in the ...
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When He Isn’t Orange

So far, the Bush administration has adopted a prudent course of action vis-à-vis the unfolding political crisis in Ukraine. On Tuesday, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack reiterated: “[O]ur view is ...
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Putin on the Throwback

Russian president Vladimir Putin has a problem — one that can’t be solved by hiring a slick Washington public-relations firm. #ad#The death, under highly suspicious circumstances, of Ivan Safronov, an investigative ...
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Orange Turmoil

The political crisis in Ukraine is a stark wake-up call for those politicians and pundits who were so quick last winter to laud what they viewed as the inevitable, quick ...
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Putin’s No Stalin

Does Russia have a “democracy deficit?” Certainly–and an adviser to President Vladimir Putin, Andrei Illarionov, made this point clear in a New Year’s Eve interview on the Moscow radio station ...