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Bad Medicine

#ad#The use of drug therapy to treat mental illness–a large proportion of the state’s drug budget — provides a case in point regarding the dangers of limiting access to a ...
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Look North

For years this nation has sought a way to provide every American with affordable health-care coverage. Now the problem is coming to a head. Small businesses and the self-employed are ...
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Miller’s Crossing

#ad#Miller has argued that the FDA regulators make decisions “defensively–in order to avoid approvals of harmful products at any cost–and so they tend to delay or reject new products of ...
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Don’T Blame Canada

The new Department of Health and Human Services Importation Task Force report is a welcome breath of fresh air in the increasingly stale debate over drug importation. Importation advocates will ...
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Oy Canada!

This week, supporters of a bill that would import price-controlled drugs from around the world — and bar the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from testing or inspecting for their ...
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Wrong Prescription

If President Bush wants to stop the AIDS epidemic from laying waste to generations of people in the developing world, he should scrap his proposed $15 billion plan to seed ...