The Summer of Our Economic Discontent

To track American perceptions of the economy, my public-opinion research firm, StrategyOne, conducted a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,000 American adults between June 12 and June 15, and then ...
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Whither the U.S. Economy?

ProspectusRepublicanDemocratStrong growth3 percent1 percentModerate growth29 percent9 percentLow growth34 percent25 percentNo growth7 percent6 percentA mild recession17 percent34 percentA deep recession7 percent20 percentA depression3 percent4 percentWith news of Wachovia’s decline, Fortis’s rescue, ...
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Polling the Party Elites

Here comes the pain. That is the message for the GOP and the business community from StrategyOne’s recent survey of Washington opinion elites. In StrategyOne’s mid-June Beltway Barometer survey of 400 ...
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No Small Oversight

In the heat of the electoral season, politicos love to hunt for exotic voting segments with colorful names that they can use to explain an entire campaign cycle. We’ve heard ...
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After the Deluge

Defining Pelosi early before the mainstream media can attempt its extreme makeover of the “First Female Speaker of the House.”    Identify the districts which conservative groups need to be focusing ...
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It’s Stupid, Stupid

Just when you thought Republicans had won the Stupid-Party Sweepstakes for 2005, the Democrats go ahead and make the Republicans look brilliant. Republicans were in the running this year for their ...

Tomorrow Morning

The NRCC will be reviewing Kilgore’s results in Virginia’s 9th district. Democrat Rick Boucher holds the 9th district now.

These Election Returns

Even down to the county and city level are very close to Warner’s numbers from 2001. Kilgore was crushed in Northern VA and didn’t do as well as he should have ...

Re: Kaine Wins

Looks like he’ll get about 51 percent and have the joy of facing a Republican legislature and a Republican AG and LG. Looks like turnout didn’t really bounce.

Looks Like

The Republican LG and AG will win. Also looks like the Republican LG will get more votes than Kilgore — mostly due to what appears to be Potts siphoning votes.