Sheri Annis

Sheri Annis is a D.C.-based media consultant. She heads Fourth Estate Strategies.

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Alec’s Latest Act

The film is called Running with Arnold , and the voice belongs to Alec Baldwin. It was an odd pairing to begin with, the actor and liberal activist providing the narration ...
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Ladies in Waiting

Will Laura Bush be our country’s last traditional First Lady? She is poised, well-read, low-key, and rarely discusses controversial issues in depth. She seems to believe her husband was elected ...
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Nice Guys Finish Last

John Edwards would make a great first date. He is charming, smart, understanding, and well-spoken. He even displayed a good sense of humor by announcing his candidacy with Jon Stewart. After ...
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Governor Arnold

After a rollicking campaign in which he drew huge crowds, schmoozed Oprah, stumped with a Twisted Sister, had women throw themselves at him, and apologized for throwing himself at some ...