William P. Kucewicz

Bill Kucewicz is an award-winning writer and editor, whose 26-year career has run of the gamut of newspaper, magazine, wire-service, and online journalism. He is currently editor and publisher of GeoInvestor.com, a global investment site that features a database covering 41 countries. Bill is a former editorial board member of The Wall Street Journal, where his writing garnered awards from the Overseas Press Club of America, the Scripps-Howard Foundation, and Georgetown University, as well as three Pulitzer Prize nominations. He was the founding editor of Dow Jones Markets, a global financial magazine, and a London correspondent for the Dow Jones News Service. He also directed emerging market research at Jude Wanniski's Polyconomics. Bill began his professional career as an assistant editor to Irving Kristol at The Public Interest.

Politics & Policy

Sinclair Vs. Sundance

Liberals, claiming the Sinclair Broadcast Group is trying to “tip” the presidential election, are enraged by plans to air a documentary critical of John Kerry’s 1970s antiwar activities. The anti-Kerry ...
Politics & Policy

Eating The Seed Corn

The Democrats’ mantra this election year is “tax the rich.” Trouble is, taxing the rich amounts to eating the seed corn. Take former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s calculation that restoring ...
Politics & Policy

Asteroid 2011

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan has unwittingly provided perhaps the most compelling argument of all for congressional passage of the Bush administration’s pro-investment tax plan — namely, the need for dramatic ...