William Voegeli

Mr. Voegeli is a senior editor of the Claremont Review of Books.

 Mr. Voegeli is a senior editor of the Claremont Review of Books and a contributor to the American Project at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy.

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Liberal Bullshit

‘Bullshit” is American English’s assertion, maximally succinct and vigorous, that a contention is factually preposterous or logically absurd. According to philosophy professor Harry Frankfurt, however, the “essence of bullshit is ...
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Bait-and-Switch Liberalism

In June 2009, as health-care reform was being debated vigorously across the country, President Obama told the American Medical Association’s convention that, whatever the provisions of the health-care bill he ...
Politics & Policy

Against Swedenization

Imagine a foreign visitor who has learned just one fact about America: For the past century our politics has been defined by a contest between two movements, one intermittently calling ...
Politics & Policy

The Real Cliff

One way of looking at the 2012 election is that Mitt Romney provided the most persuasive explanation for his defeat — six months before the voting. A surreptitious recording at ...

Forward, As They Say

In our system, the people are sovereign. That does not mean they’re infallible. The GOP needs better candidates who’ll make better arguments, finding the right way to say the right things. ...

The ’47 Percent’ Flap

“Here was Romney raw and unplugged — sort of unscripted,” writes David Corn of Mother Jones about the newly released video of Mitt Romney at a Boca Raton fundraising event ...