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A Look at President Trump’s 13th Wave of Judicial Nominees

Last Thursday, President Trump announced his 13th wave of judicial nominees and Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed cloture motions for all six of President Trump’s federal court of appeals nominees currently awaiting Senate floor votes: Kurt Engelhardt (Fifth Circuit), Michael Brennan (Seventh Circuit), Joel Carson (Tenth Circuit), John Nalbandian (Sixth Circuit), Michael Scudder (Seventh Circuit), and Amy St. Eve (Seventh Circuit). The Senate will begin debating and voting on the nominations after it returns from recess on May 7th.

Assuming that all six nominees are confirmed, this would bring the number of court of appeals judges confirmed this Congress to a record-breaking 21.  I commend Leader McConnell for prioritizing the confirmation of the President’s excellent appellate court nominees, and for calling out the Democratic minority out on the Senate Floor last week for its inexcusable slow-walking of President Trump’s judicial nominees.

Below are links to snapshots of the three court of appeals nominees announced last week.

Second Circuit:  Judge Richard Sullivan

Fourth Circuit:  Jay Richardson

Fourth Circuit:  Judge Marvin Quattlebaum


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