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Alan Dershowitz’s NYT Review: Scalia Speaks Is ‘Marvelous’

I’m delighted by retired Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz’s glowing praise for Scalia Speaks in his book review in next Sunday’s New York Times. Dershowitz “loved arguing” with Scalia, and his review continues the argument. It also includes passages like these (emphasis added):

Reading “Scalia Speaks” — the marvelous collection of his speeches, lovingly compiled by his son and a former law clerk — brought Nino back to life for me. His words, even when read, are provocations to argue, disagree and think. They cannot be read passively. They cry out for dialogue. They demand answers — or surrender.… 

Liberal constitutional lawyers will continue to debate Justice Scalia many years after his death, because when it comes to jurisprudence, he was the most transformative jurist of our generation. His views cannot be ignored. That is his enduring legacy. But he was more than an influential justice. He was a great man, who lived life to the fullest — as a devout Catholic, a proud Italian-American, a devoted family man, a loyal friend, and a person of humor and culture who fondly remembered his roots in Queens and New Jersey. “Scalia Speaks” gives us a glimpse of the man, as I came to know and respect him, despite — no, because of — our arguments.


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