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More Andy Schlafly Smears of Trump Supreme Court Candidate Neil Gorsuch—Part 3

Oops, I see that my Part 1 and Part 2 posts overlooked this stinging new charge by Andy Schlafly: “And he is no Scalia, as Gorsuch was not even on the Law Review in law school.”

Yes, it’s true: Neil Gorsuch didn’t join the board of editors of the Harvard Law Review. As someone who did, I’ll give Gorsuch credit for not wasting his time on one of the most pointless enterprises I’ve ever been engaged in. Rarely have so many spent so much time publishing so much of so little value to be read by so few.

Gorsuch’s judicial record amply attests to his remarkable legal ability.

By the way, Schlafly, believe it or not, was on law review at Harvard. So that ought to tell you everything you need to know about whether membership on law review is a meaningful proxy for legal ability.


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