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Enough of Andy Schlafly’s Illogic

I’ve already responded at length to Andy Schlafly’s deceptions and distortions about various of the Supreme Court candidates on President-elect Trump’s list. (See links here.) Schlafly has never engaged my arguments, nor has he even linked to them, as he understandably prefers to keep his gullible minions in the dark. I’m confident that anyone who reviews what I have written will have figured out that Schlafly is not to be trusted (or, if he hasn’t yet figured that out, is beyond the reach of further argument). So I don’t plan to spend any more time responding to Schlafly’s smears.

In his latest email to his followers, Schlafly imagines that my decision not to keep pounding my head against the wall of his obtuseness is some sort of vindication of his views:

Ed Whelan, who pushes a judicial philosophy that implicitly rejects Trump’s pro-life pledge, complained about our coalition letter until I pointed out that one of judges he defended (Colloton) had ordered Missouri to promote the KKK on road signs, while voting against pro-lifers who held private signs along a roadway.  Then Whelan went silent on this issue.

There are some ten or so confusions packed into these two sentences, but I’m not going to waste my time unpacking them.



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