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Belizean Grove: More Double Standards, More Double Talk

Thank goodness. Michael Kinsley hits the nail on the head this morning in the Washington Post about Sonia Sotomayor’s membership in a discriminatory women’s club:

If Obama had nominated a man who was a member of the Bohemian Grove, that would be a big issue and probably a fatal one. So how is it different if Sotomayor is a member of a club set up specifically to be the female equivalent? Rather than try to answer this question honestly, Sotomayor chose to make the preposterous argument that the Belizean Grove isn’t a women’s club. It’s just that no men have ever applied for membership, you see. White clubs used to explain the absence of black members the same way. It’s a laughable argument — a brazen whopper — and an insult to the citizenry and the Senate that must confirm her.

My husband is a member of an all-male club that has an excessive devotion to pigs and where the men put their shod feet on the table at dinner. I have enough trouble keeping my tablecloth clean and do not mind being excluded from such a Club. But it would not occur to me (or, I should think, other women) to “ask to be considered for membership” when membership is plainly not open to women. Just as I don’t mind my husband’s club excluding women, I don’t mind Judge Sotomayor’s club excluding men. 

But Judge Sotomayor minds very much when others discriminate, particularly against women. What is objectionable is her absurd contention that her club’s discrimination is not discrimination because “a man has never asked to be considered for membership.”

That calls to mind the opinion of the district court in the Ricci case, which was embraced by Sotomayor, that the City of New Haven didn’t discriminate against anyone, because no one was promoted. See, everyone was treated equally!

That kind of “whopper,” as Kinsley appropriately calls it, causes rational people of goodwill to scratch their heads and say, “Huh?”

The White House and Judge Sotomayor have been selling “up is down” this entire nomination, and now we are supposed to believe that an all-women group, specifically designed (as stated in its mission) as a mirror of the Bohemian Grove, is not the mirror the Bohemian Grove.

Just like “Latina woman” was a slip of the tongue.  Then we find out the “slip” occurred regularly over 13 years.

Just like, apparently, “The dog ate my PRLDF files.” But some of them, still not produced to the Senate, are public records.

The White House assures pro-abortion groups that Sotomayor is with them. Joe Biden tells law-enforcement groups that the Judge has “got your back.”  But the White House has given no “assurances” to anyone about how she’ll vote as a Supreme Court Justice.

Come again?

Frankly, I don’t have a problem with her Belizean membership. I suspect, like most Americans, I have a problem with the duplicity and hypocrisy that permeate this White House and this nominee.

This is just the typical liberal “do as I say, not as I do” double standard that leads her to implement gender, race, and ethnic quotas for the rest of the world, when, as Investor’s Business Daily has noted, for example, she apparently hires law clerks under different standards than she would impose upon the society at large.