Bench Memos

A Brief Time-Out

For various reasons, Bench Memos has been quieter than usual of late.  One of those reasons is my obligation as head of the Ethics and Public Policy Center to engage in year-end fundraising—a task that is all the more important in these challenging times when everything seems up for grabs.

Regular NRO readers will readily recognize the names of folks like George Weigel, Rick Santorum, Stanley Kurtz, Yuval Levin, Pete Wehner, and Jim Capretta.  What you may not know is that they’re all colleagues of mine at EPPC—and that EPPC resources enable and sustain their great work on important issues of public policy (as well as my Bench Memos blogging).  Ditto for the New Atlantis, EPPC’s outstanding quarterly journal on technology and society.  And much, much more.

So as you plan your year-end giving, in addition to your contributions to NRO, I invite your generous support of EPPC.  Many thanks in advance!