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Bush 43 vs. Clinton on Lower-Court Appointees

I’ve already noted that President Bush’s total of 62 61 confirmed federal appellate appointees (which includes three of President Clinton’s nominees whom Bush renominated and appointed) is lower than Clinton’s total of 65.  It’s also striking that there are roughly as many (and slightly more) Clinton federal appellate appointees in active service today, more than 15 years after his initial appointments and more than 8 years after his last ones, than there are Bush 43 appointees:  59 58 for Clinton, 56 57 for Bush.  (Again, I’m counting in Bush’s total all three of Clinton’s nominees whom Bush renominated and appointed.)  So much for the supposed predominance of Bush 43 appointees.  [12/10 and 12/11 updates:  I’ve tweaked the second sentence and corrected the numbers.]

The total federal district court numbers are even worse:  261 Bush appointees versus 305 Clinton appointees.  Again, there are more Clinton-appointed federal district judges (258) than Bush district judges (253) still in active service.

All my data is drawn from the Federal Judicial Center’s database, though I’ve corrected for the database’s odd failure to classify Fourth Circuit judge Roger Gregory as a Bush appointee.  (Gregory was recess-appointed by Clinton, then renominated and appointed by Bush.)


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