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Chicago Events

I’ll be in Chicago on Monday, April 10, for three events, the third of which I expect to attract an audience of 41,268 or so.

At noon, I’ll be at the University of Chicago law school for an event on religious liberty with law professor Genevieve Lakier and Aaron Streett (of Baker Botts). My remarks will focus on soon-to-be-Justice Gorsuch’s record on religious liberty and how he might affect the Court.

In mid-afternoon (probably at 3:30), I’ll be at Northwestern law school for an event tentatively titled “Lessons from the Gorsuch Confirmation Battle.” Northwestern law professor Tonja Jacobi has kindly agreed to provide commentary on my remarks.

Each of these two events is sponsored by the law school’s Federalist Society chapter.

That evening, thanks to the great generosity of Mr. Streett, I’ll join him at Wrigley Field for the World Series champion Cubs’ home opener against the Dodgers.


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