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Chris Christie’s Abysmal Record on Judges

The Judicial Crisis Network, my organization, has launched a project to highlight Governor Chris Christie’s awful record on judicial appointments.  Please visit the new website, share the links, and watch the video below.

The timing of the launch, just ahead of Governor Christie’s fundraising trip to Iowa, seems to have sparked additional interest from the press, leading Governor Christie’s spokesman, Mike DuHaime, to respond by spinning Christie’s record.  According to DuHaime:

Gov. Christie has nominated multiple conservatives to the Supreme Court but several have been blocked by the Democrat Senate. Yet, Governor Christie has still been able to get three Republicans on to the state’s highest court, making it more conservative.

By conservative, is Christie’s spokesman referring to the justices who in 2013 ruled unanimously in favor of same-sex marriage?  The justices who in 2013 unanimously voted to open the floodgates to trial lawyers seeking to attack companies under state law?

Is he referring to Bruce Harris, the failed nominee who equated marriage between a man and a woman with segregation and slavery and believed that opposition to same-sex marriage violates the “separation between the state and religion”?  Harris was rejected after admitting during his hearings that he had virtually no courtroom experience.

Or maybe Christie’s spokesman was referring to his most recent nominee, Lee Solomon, who local columnist Paul Mulshine says “has a history as a pro-choicer” and was once endorsed by New Jersey Right to Choose.

If these are Christie’s conservative nominees, then Christie’s definition of a conservative sounds an awful lot like a liberal.  


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