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Fake Umpire Hiding Behind Fake Love of Baseball?

Pardon the baseball fan in me:

President Obama says he’s a big fan of the Chicago White Sox, but he calls Comiskey Park “Cominskey.”  (Update:  A Chicago native advises me that “90% of southsiders pronounce it ‘Cominskey,’”so I withdraw the point.  Further update:  For the reasons explained here, I’ve reinstated the first sentence, with one revision.)  And Judge Sotomayor, in her testimony yesterday, asserted that “Few judges could claim they love baseball more than I do” and that she “grew up … watching baseball.”  But a March 28, 1995, story in USA Today, titled “U.S. District judge not a baseball fan,” stated that Sotomayor “grew up a few miles from Yankee Stadium but says she knows little about the sport.”  And yesterday she said that “many residents of Washington, D.C. have asked me to look at the Senators” as her new team.  But as even a casual baseball fan would know, the D.C. team is the Nationals, not the Senators. 

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