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Far From Sober

On NRO today is my essay “Far From Sober:  Slate’s defense of Linda Greenhouse” responding to a Slate essay yesterday evening by Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick.  Here’s my opening paragraph:


In “Lay Off Linda:  Why doesn’t the New York Times stand up for Linda Greenhouse,” Slate’s Emily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick offer a hilariously defective defense of Linda Greenhouse’s reporting on prominent national-security cases in which her husband Eugene Fidell, an outspoken opponent of Bush Administration policies, has participated.  Whereas I have demonstrated (in this series of Bench Memos posts:  Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4) that New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt has acted as a shill for Greenhouse, they complain that he has “dragg[ed] … her out to the woodshed.”  Most remarkably, they call on the New York Times to stop providing (horrors!) “sober explications” of complaints about her reporting.


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