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The G-Man

Besides all the recusal points Ed, Andy, and Ramesh have made, I keep coming back to another basic (I think) and practical point. He’s AG, he was hard to get in as AG, why move him now and go through another confirmation for him and another transition and hearing, etc. for DOJ? As someone who would know just said to me: “having another Attorney General change and confirmation, etc. would be very disruptive. The people in there now are mostly Gonzales people. It is a good cohesive working group. If they were to change him, it would have a down the chain impact of changes too that would not be good to go through again in the middle of the war on terror. There is a good group there right now that needs to stay in place to protect us.” I just don’t see the president making the disruption.

And as I’ve said, I delusionally trust that it’s just the genius that is Rove that someone in the administration started all this in the first place.

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