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Gregory S. Coleman, R.I.P.

For any of his friends and admirers who may have missed the terrible news, I am very sorry to pass along that leading Supreme Court advocate Gregory S. Coleman—who was Texas’s first solicitor general and who also served as a law clerk to Justice Thomas—died last Tuesday evening when the plane that he was piloting to a family Thanksgiving gathering crashed amidst heavy fog. His wife’s mother and uncle also died in the crash.

I did not have the privilege of knowing Greg Coleman, but I have many friends who did, and the deep affection and admiration that he elicited is remarkable. As one small reflection of that, I’ll pass along that after I e-mailed an attorney who had been co-counsel with Greg in a case to make sure that she had heard the awful news, she sent me this simple response: “Been sobbing for two days.”

May Gregory S. Coleman rest in peace, and may his wife and children be comforted in their grief.

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