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Hamdan’s Political Fallout

Apropos of Jonah Goldberg’s point over at The Corner, here is the AP’s Tom Raum, frequent fabulist of highly tendentious “analysis” pieces:

Politically, the [Hamdan] ruling comes at a bad time for Republicans. It puts Bush allies back on the defensive in a congressional election year over secretive war-on-terror initiatives. It could also help offset recent momentum from political progress in Iraq.

This strikes me as almost perfectly wrong. Hamdan should put the GOP on offense, and the Dems on the defensive, the more people learn about the Court’s outlandish intrusion into warfighting. If Sen. Specter is serious about legislation to undo the Court’s damage, I want to see congressional Democrats come out swinging in favor of tender solicitude toward our enemies. Then we’ll see in November, won’t we?


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