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Hillary: Senate Must Confirm Nominee I’m Tepid About

In a speech yesterday at the University of Wisconsin, Hillary Clinton slammed Senate Republicans for refusing to move on the Garland nomination. But in the Q&A session (video here, at 1:27-2:31) after her prepared speech, she couldn’t muster much enthusiasm for the nomination.

“I’m not going to second-guess the president’s choice,” Clinton declared. Further, while briefing referring to Merrick Garland an “extraordinary judge,” she went out of her way to explain that a reason that President Obama selected him was because Republican senators’ past praise for him supposedly “put greater pressure” on them to confirm him.

Clinton emphasized that she would be looking for Supreme Court nominees who, unlike Garland, had “not just been on one narrow track,” on a “safe pathway”—“out of law school to a clerkship, out of clerkship to a firm, maybe to a U.S. Attorney’s office then to a firm, maybe into the Justice Department and back into a firm.” 


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