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Holder’s DOJ Embarrassed by Victory in Pledge of Allegiance Case?

Yesterday, the Department of Justice issued six press releases, all on seemingly routine or minor matters:  “Detroit-Area Doctor Convicted in Medicare Fraud Scheme”; “Federal Court Permanently Shuts Down Northern California Tax Preparer”; “Second Former Employee of Financial Products and Services Firm Pleads Guilty for Role in Bid-rigging and Fraud Conspiracies Involving Proceeds of Municipal Bonds”; “Former Acting Executive Director of Nonprofit Organization in American Samoa Pleads Guilty to Theft of Federal Grant Funds”; “Taiwanese Couple Pleads Guilty to Illegally Trading Protected Black Coral”; “Former New Orleans Police Detective Pleads Guilty; Confirms Danziger Cover-up.”  By midday today, it had issued one more press release, “Father and Son Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Software Worth $1 Million.”

Remarkably, DOJ has had nothing to say so far about the government’s big victory in yesterday’s Pledge of Allegiance case (a case briefed and argued by Bush DOJ officials).  Might that tell you something significant about the values and priorities of Eric Holder’s DOJ?

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