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Huffington Post, Not Washington Post

Checking out People for the American Way’s latest series of lies about Judge Southwick, I was surprised to run across an anti-Southwick op-ed from the Washington Post that I hadn’t seen before.  Well, contrary to what PFAW’s web page says, the supposed Washington Post op-ed is instead a Huffington Post blog entry (which, surprise, misrepresents the one case that it discusses).  I’ll assume that the error is a result of incompetence rather than mendacity, though the two so often go hand in hand at PFAW that it’s hard to tell the difference.  Just the usual course of events in the attack on Judge Southwick.


Update (7:55 p.m.):  That was fast:  PFAW has corrected its error.  Now if only it would correct all of its other flat-out errors about the Southwick nomination….  Clearly folks at PFAW know better but are persisting in their lies.

Correction:  The error, I now see, was on a Leadership Conference on Civil Rights web page that PFAW directly linked to, not on a PFAW page.