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Inventory of Posts on D.C. Circuit Nominee Caitlin Halligan

President Obama’s nomination of Caitlin Halligan to a D.C. Circuit seat is scheduled for a Senate Judiciary Committee vote tomorrow.

For the sake of convenience, I am providing here an inventory of various of my posts on Halligan’s record and testimony. (The titles below don’t exactly match the titles on the posts, as I’ve shortened many of them and tweaked others to make their topic clearer.)

Halligan on National Security

Halligan on Same-Sex Marriage

Halligan on the Death Penalty and State “Consensus”

Halligan’s Incredible Testimony

A Rebuttal on Halligan’s Incredible Testimony

Halligan’s Testimony on Report on Indefinite Detention—Part 1

Halligan’s Testimony on Report on Indefinite Detention—Part 2

More on Halligan’s Testimony on Report on Indefinite Detention

I’ll also call attention to Gary Marx’s post on Halligan and the Second Amendment.

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