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An Invitation

If you enjoy my posts here on Bench Memos and appreciate the impact that I’m having on the broader debate on constitutional issues and judicial nominations, then I invite you to consider supporting the Ethics and Public Policy Center in your year-end charitable giving. It’s my full-time position at EPPC that enables me to carry out my work, both here and elsewhere. That’s true as well for my great team of colleagues at EPPC, including frequent NRO contributors like George Weigel, James Capretta, Yuval Levin, and Stanley Kurtz.

For those of you who are lawyers in private practice, perhaps you’d consider a contribution of a billable day’s amount or even a billable hour’s.

In case Rich Lowry and Kathryn Lopez are reading this: This request is, of course, in addition to your subscription to National Review and to any amount you’ve decided to contribute to NRO.

May you have a blessed Christmas or Hanukkah and a wonderful 2012!

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