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It’s Not Just Women Who Should Be Freaked By John Roberts, You See

But women of color, more narrowly, I’m told this morning by Another white male, he is! Figures, nominated by that evil white man in the White House who caused the hurricane just to hurt blacks.

(That’s the hurricane John Roberts played no small role in.)

“But did anyone ever seriously mention a woman of color for the job?”

No. No. I know what you’re thinking.

“Controversial ideologue Janice Rogers Brown was floated by some extreme conservatives, but she was never a real contender given that her nomination to the Court of Appeals set off a national fight over the filibuster–a time-honored means of challenging the majority party through extended debate–and almost shut-down the U.S. Senate.”

You extremist! If you’re a white male just write yourself out any possibility of being named to the Court. I think I may be talking to you Mike Luttig. Yeah, you, too McConnell. Near everybody’s Girl Crazy now.

But, as my sistas note, Janice Rogers Brown doesn’t count. As a woman or as a “woman of color,” is my translation.


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