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Judicial Nominations Update

At its markup last Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on, among others, the nominations of Amy Coney Barrett and Joan Larsen, advancing them to the Senate floor.  This brings the number of judicial nominees awaiting confirmation votes to a total of ten.  The Senate is currently in the midst of a one-week recess and returns next Monday, October 16th.

Number of total current and known future vacancies: 166

Courts of Appeals: 27

District/Specialty Court*: 139

Number of pending nominees for current and known future vacancies: 54

Courts of Appeals: 14

District/Specialty Courts: 40

*Includes the Court of Federal Claims and the International Trade Court

Nominees Awaiting Floor Votes

Courts of Appeals: 2

District/Specialty Courts: 8

Nominees Confirmed by the Senate

Courts of Appeals: 4

District/Specialty Courts: 2


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