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Marcia Coyle Exposes a Jill Abramson Falsehood

(Photo: Nick Cannella/Dreamstime)

By the time Marcia Coyle weighed in on Jill Abramson’s piece about Justice Thomas, I had already written a five-part series rebutting most of Abramson’s claims. (See Parts 12, 3, 4, & 5)

I am weighing in again because Coyle’s piece includes a damning piece of evidence that completely undermines Abramson’s credibility.

Abramson’s piece included allegations against Justice Thomas by a reporter named Nancy Montwieler, who, according to Abramson:

confided that Thomas had also made weird, sexual comments to her, including describing porn and other things he found sexually enticing. Montwieler, who considered Thomas a valuable source and didn’t think he was coming on to her, had invited him to a black-tie Washington press dinner, where he also made off-color remarks.

Except . . . Montwieler says none of that ever happened. According to Marcia Coyle:

Montwieler, reached by the NLJ after the publication of Abramson’s story, said she sent a message to New York magazine on Monday that read in part: “I knew Clarence Thomas in a professional capacity and never experienced any type of inappropriate behavior from him. Moreover, despite allegations in the article, I do not recall any conversations with Justice Thomas regarding inappropriate or non-professional subjects.”

Maybe Abramson should try reinventing herself as a fiction writer.


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