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More on 2012 and the Court

Gregg Nunziata, a former chief nominations counsel to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, has a great op-ed in USA Today about the impact that November’s presidential election could have on the Supreme Court. Not only could the next president fill three Supreme Court vacancies, but these vacancies could easily provide the president with an opportunity to “dramatically remake the court’s ideological balance.”  As Nunziata argues, this must influence our country’s important decision in November: 

Electing a president willing to nominate judges who understand their constitutional role — and a Senate willing to confirm them — is among the most important choices Americans can make this fall. The decision at the ballot box will set the Supreme Court, American law and public life on a course that could endure for generations.It is vital that the next president appoint justices committed to the original, enduring vision of the Constitution. To do so, he must select individuals with long track records demonstrating that commitment — and be willing to fight for their confirmation if opposition develops. “Stealth” candidates will not do.

It has become a quadrennial cliché to say that we face the most important election of our lifetime. At least with respect to the one branch of government that will not appear on the ballot, this time it is absolutely true.

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