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More on Justice Thomas’s My Grandfather’s Son

I’ve already heartily recommended Justice Thomas’s bestselling memoir My Grandfather’s Son.  For more about the book and more from Justice Thomas about his remarkable life, see this excellent webpage, which  collects selected reviews of the book, video and audio links, and blogger comments.


One of the best reviews I’ve read is from liberal legal historian David Garrow.  As Garrow puts it, My Grandfather’s Son, contrary to “most early accounts,” is “brutally self-critical.”  “Any reader who comes to the book without a pre-existing animus toward Thomas will likely feel tremendous empathy for his life story, even if the reader’s legal views—like this reviewer’s—differ from Thomas’ on everything from abortion to the commerce clause to gay equality.”  The book “will remain a classic work of African-American autobiography long after op-ed columnists’ catty comments are forgotten.”  (Garrow also punctures politically correct conventional fatuity in declaring that “Thomas’ performance as a justice has earned the respect of almost every unbiased Court observer.”)  Read the whole review.


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