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Moving More Nominees

Appearing on FoxNews Sunday over the weekend, Senator Arlen Specter said he will try and move the five appellate judicial nominees re-nominated by President Bush (Boyle, Wallace, Smith, Myers and Haynes).  Specter acknowledged that some of the nominations may face some difficulty, but he siad all five will be on the schedule at the Comittee’s executive committee meeting this Thursday.  In addition to the five renominated nominees, there are several other appellate nominees awaiting confirmation, including Peter Keisler (D.C. Circuit), Raymond Kethledge (6th Circuit), Debra Livingston (2nd Circuit), Kent Jordan (Third Circuit), and Stephen Murphy (6th Circuit).

Jonathan H. Adler — Jonathan H. Adler teaches courses in environmental, administrative, and constitutional law at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

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