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Nature and Constitutionalism

An impressive project begun long before I joined the staff of the Witherspoon Institute has come to fruition.  With funding from the NEH and assistance from the James Madison Program at Princeton University, Witherspoon is launching a resource-rich website on Natural Law, Natural Rights, and American Constitutionalism.  (Announcement here, with link to full website here.)  The site is in “public preview” mode now, with some of its parts not yet complete.  But there’s plenty here already: original source material from Plato to the twentieth century, historical and biographical material, and brief analytical essays from eminent scholars like Walter Berns, Michael Zuckert, Herman Belz, William B. Allen, Bradley C.S. Watson, V. Bradley Lewis, Ronald J. Pestritto, Paul A. Rahe, Samuel Gregg, Paul Sigmund, and Walter Nicgorski–just a partial list, with more to come.

For teachers, students, scholars, and anyone with an interest in the philosophical foundations of American constitutionalism, the “NLNRAC” site is the place to get started.


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