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New Jersey Event

If the recovery from the terrible storm permits it, I will be in Morristown, New Jersey, next Monday evening, November 5, to speak to the New Jersey lawyers chapter of the Federalist Society on the 2012 elections and the future of the Supreme Court. More info here.

As alert This Day readers will recall, Morristown is the site of the public library that notorious liberal activist H. Lee Sarokin tried to turn into the campground of a homeless man who was persistently belligerent and disruptive, stared at and followed library patrons, talked loudly to himself and others, and had an odor so offensive that it prevented areas of the library from being used by patrons and from being worked in by library employees. If the event goes forward, I trust that the mention of Morristown will conjure up more pleasant associations in my mind after next Monday.


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