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New Supreme Court Polling

Gallup has a new poll on attitudes toward Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court after the Obamacare decsion. A few findings: 

  • Chief Justice Roberts’s favorable rating has dropped from 50 percent in September of 2005 (the last time Gallup measured this), to 39 percent. As Gallup itself comments, it is reasonable to assume a good deal of this drop is attributable to the Obamacare decision.


  • Chief Justice Roberts’s favorable rating amongst Republicans has dropped from 67 percent to 27 percent, also dropping from 47 percent to 38 percent amongst Independents. His favorability among Democrats improved from 35 percent to 54 percent.


  • Approval of the Supreme Court has stayed at 46 percent from September of 2011 till now, but disapproval of the Court has increased from 40 percent to 45 percent.


  • The Court’s approval among Republicans dropped from 50 percent to 29 percent, while slightly dropping from 44 percent to 42 percent for independents. More independents also disapprove of the Court, increasing from 42 percent to 47 percent. Democrats’ approval has increased from 46 percent to 68 percent. The drops with Republicans and independents are almost exactly offset by the increased approval with Democrats, accounting for the steady 46 percent approval rating overall.

The poll was taken from July 9–12, with a margin of error of four points.  


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