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Nina Totenberg on the Prospect of No Protestant Justices

NPR’s Nina Totenberg has an interesting story contemplating the possibility that, after Justice Stevens’s anticipated retirement, there may be not a single Protestant justice on the Court.  As she puts it in striking context:

Depending on the Stevens replacement, there may be no Protestants left on the court at all in a majority Protestant nation where, for decades and generations, all the justices were Protestant.

(I don’t know that Stevens would identify himself as a Protestant, but that’s conventionally how he’s labeled.) 

Here’s an interesting passage on Notre Dame history professor (and prominent evangelical thinker) Mark Noll’s thoughts on the matter:

“Is it a rebuke that there might be no Protestants on the Supreme Court?” he asks. “Indirectly, I suspect it would be.”

It would be a rebuke, he says, in terms of what Protestant identity means, and why there wasn’t a Protestant good enough to fill even a single Supreme Court seat.

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