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Re: Goodwin Liu Nominated to California Supreme Court

I do find considerable humor in the fact that Governor Brown’s selection of Goodwin Liu—a fervent, if deceptive, advocate of racial quotas—has upset other advocates of racial quotas because Liu’s appointment to the state supreme court conflicts with racial quotas. From this Los Angeles Times blog post:

[Liu] would give the court an Asian majority.…

The governor had widely been expected to name a Latino. The state high court has no Latino or African American justices.

The new appointment would fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Justice Carlos R. Moreno, 62, the only Latino and only Democrat on the court.…

Some Latino bar leaders expressed anger and disappointment at Liu’s selection.

“It should have been a Latino and somebody who was native to Southern California,” said Victor Acevedo, president of the Mexican-American Bar Assn.

“We are almost the majority of the people of the state of California, and for the governor to say there isn’t one Latino who is qualified to serve on the court is extremely troubling,” he said. “That to me is like the governor turning a cold shoulder to the Latino community in Southern California.”

Asian-Americans make up 13% of California’s population but will have 57% (four of seven) of its supreme court seats. That’s a matter of zero concern to me, but it ought to be of concern to quota-mongers like Liu. Perhaps once he realizes it, he’ll withdraw his nomination? Sure, just as he called for others to “give up something, whether it is the seat at Harvard, the seat at Princeton” in order to make reparations for slavery, but never gave up any of his seats.


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