Bench Memos

Re: Law Professors for [Fill in the Obama Nominee]

It turns out that some 1100 law professors have signed the Alliance for Justice-organized letter stating, among other things, that Judge Sotomayor’s “rulings exhibit unfailing adherence to the rule of law” and “reflect careful attention to the facts of each case and a reading of the law that demonstrates fidelity to the text of statutes and the Constitution.”  Expressing the same question that I raised when I first heard of the signature-gathering, Jonathan Adler, on the Volokh Conspiracy, wonders “what percentage of the 1,100-plus signatories to the letter are sufficiently familiar with her record to have reached an informed, expert judgment.”  (I’d guess in the 1% ballpark, give or take 1%.)  Jonathan gently expresses the concern that “some legal academics appear willing to place their political preferences ahead of their academic integrity,” but, as he points out, that’s hardly news.